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Bud Norris in Norfolk


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Pitched decent first two innings and then started having issues. Gave up 4 runs over 5 innings. 92 pitches. 66 strikes. Did have 7 Ks. Wonder if he gets another rehab start.

One would hope so. He was hitting 95 on the gun and still got whipped up on by AA guys.

The no walks was nice.

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Wish I could have found that site. I don't think Norris did enough to take Wright's spot. Maybe Chaz Roe's spot.

If Roe loses his spot to Norris I'm turning in my Orioles fan card! I don't have a card, I just thought someone should be outraged on behalf of Chaz.

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Maybe people will finally arrive at the conclusion he's a below average pitcher who exceeded expectations for us last year.

I know lots of people don't care for Bud and that they gave up too much for him.

But, I don't buy into, that he is a below average pitcher.

But, for whatever reason, he isn't the same pitcher this season as he was, last year.

I suspect next season, he will be pitching elsewhere, and the new Calvary will be here.

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    • So Mullins hits a combined .300 with RISP in 2022/2023, did only hit .213 in 2021 when he hit .291 and went 30/30 and has a slightly higher career batting average with RISP than he does overall and he is "not very good in RISP for careers".  It certainly appears that there is an element of luck when his worst year for hitting with RISP was by far his best year overall and his best years with RISP were weaker years overall, but I see no basis for concluding he is "not very good in RISP for his career". Am I missing something?
    • There’s a lot of SP who COULD be moved at the trade deadline. But who are the locks to get traded? I think it’s only Flaherty, Kikuchi and Fedde, and probably Crochet. And the Rays are likely to deal one of Eflin or Littell. If the Rangers are sellers, that adds Scherzer and Heaney, but that’s TBD. Anybody else? I think this is the main reason we could see some more off-season-type trades with players with more years of control than your typical 0.5 rental & 1.5 year types. Plus the phenomenon being talked about more of teams not being inclined to trade during the off-season when there are free agent alternatives. Hoping teams get more creative this year, like MIA and LAA with their SPs with more control.  
    • Meh it's a pooty tang 3 game stretch. Bad approach up and down the lineup, bad pitching, a bad series. This crap happens all the time to good teams. It'll get better.  Guys like Mateo, McCann, Urias, Hays.... meh. They are very replaceable. I think Mullins to a lesser degree because he gets such good reads & jumps in CF.  Now, the pitching.... we need to address the pitching.
    • The injury kept him out from June 18-29, so his June numbers were almost all pre-injury.  He did hit one of his two June homers on June 30 after returning.    
    • They don’t like his second base defense.  
    • Too much.  Urias and McDermott.
    • What would be the problem with Norby being the primary 2B with Westburg at 3B. Mateo is getting exposed yet again being a everyday player. 
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