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Stark: MLB's biggest obstacle to a 154-game season: money


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So guess which aspect of shortening the season baseball has already begun to research? It's the money aspect, naturally. MLB has just kicked off an economic impact study of the ramifications of lopping games off the schedule because, let's face it, that's what really matters to the 30 owners who will have to make this call.

The impact on the numbers and the record books? They can figure that out some other time. But the impact on their cash flow? Now that's something they care about.

source - ESPN
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    • I characterize “winning” as having a winning culture and established high level of play.  I don’t think we had that in the 2012-2016 run.  I think even the most orange tinted glasses saw that was a very short window with nothing to come after.  What we have now, and what the Ravens have established, is the ground work for continued winning and high level play. Above and beyond the on field accomplishments the organization is doing all the right things off the field and nurturing a relationship with the fans in a “winning” manner.  Winning was never the focus in the past.  Even the most ardent haters can see that winning is here for the foreseeable future on and off the field. 
    • Naw, I know sarcasm and that wasn't sarcasm. You are just changing your story.
    • Everyone is a sports psychologist and physical therapist now. He's a talented 20-year-old living his best life who struggled in a tiny sample size at the MLB level. The conspiracy theories that people create are absurd. He hurt his elbow, players get hurt at times, just about every one of them, it doesn't need to be over-analyzed.
    • Again...sarcasm? You guys are so quick to jump on anything I say and paint into a negative light it is BEYOND comical.  I feel as if I have my own trolls and internet 'haters' here. Relax.  
    • The Phillies come to town at 46-22, one game better than the Orioles' 45-23.   They have faced an incredibly easy schedule, playing only 12 games against team over .500.  That stops tonight.  The pitching matchups are: Ranger Suárez (10-1, 1.81 ERA) vs. Kyle Bradish (2-0, 2.62) Taijuan Walker (3-1, 5.40) vs. Grayson Rodriguez (7-2, 3.27) Zack Wheeler (8-3, 2.16) vs.  Corbin Burnes (7-2, 2.08) Suárez has faced the Orioles twice, in 2021 and 2023, going 6 innings each time and yielding 2 and 4 runs.  He won the 2021 game and took a no-decision last year.  Bradish has only faced the Phillies once, taking the loss last year while allowing 5 ER in 6.2 innings.   Suárez and Bradish went head to head in 2023, with Bradish yielding the go-ahead runs after Suárez had left the game. Walker has faced the Orioles nine times in his career, going 4-1 with a 2.54 ERA.  In his sole appearance last year, he allowed 2 runs in 5.2 innings and got no decision.  Rodriguez has never faced the Phillies. Wheeler has faced the Orioles four times, throwing to a 1.90 ERA and a 1-0 record.  Last year, he allowed 1 run in 6 innings and getting no decision.  Burnes pitched four games against the Phillies while he was with the Brewers, twice in relief and twice as a starter, and has a 0.55 ERA against them.   Last year, he pitched 8 innings of 2-hit shutout ball against them, striking out 10, posting a game score of 87, his best of the year (tied with a start he had against the Orioles).    The bullpens are pretty evenly matched.  The Phillies' pen has a 3.55 ERA, 9th in MLB, and has 20 saves in 30 opportunities (67%).   The Orioles relievers have a 3.27 ERA, 4th in MLB, and have 22 saves in 35 opportunities (63%).  Phillies closer Jose Alvarado has 12 saves in 14 opportunities and a 3.41 ERA.  Ex-Phillie Craig Kimbrel has a 2.59 ERA and 16 saves in 19 opportunities.    This matchup features the top two teams in runs/game, with the O's offense leading MLB at 5.10 runs/game and the Phillies hot on their heels at 5.07.   By OPS+, the O's are 2nd in MLB at 119 and the Phillies are 5th at 112.  With runners in scoring position, the Phillies boast an .843 OPS (4th in MLB), while the Orioles are at .815 (6th).    Notably, the Phillies will be without their star catcher J.P. Realmuto, who is undergoing knee surgery.   The Phillies are 35-16 with Realmuto behind the dish, 11-6 with others.  Trea Turner and Brandon Marsh also are on the IL, though Marsh may return during this series.  So, maybe not the worst time to catch the Phillies. The Phillies are a very good team, but so are the O's, and the O's are a little more battle-tested this year.   We'll see how the weekend goes.
    • Do you understand sarcasm?  I have already posted his lifting #s and they aren't close to what you said or what I said above.
    • I think what Jackson needs more than anything is a breather.  Unlike what many on here think that his father has pushed him into baseball, I think that Jackson has pushed himself from a very young age to excell.  I mean he spent every day of the offseason working on his conditioning, batting practice and I'm sure various agility drills, etc.  This isn't normal for a 19 year old millionaire that just got married.  Call it anti-Chris Davis syndrome.  If I was Elias, I might send him on a week long club paid vacation with the stipulation no baseball activities allowed except whatever PT required for his injury. 
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