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Does Buck Have Any Influence of Team Hotel Choice on the Road?


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Just something that popped into my mind.

Last night after the game me and my kid followed the team buses to see where the Orioles were staying. A lot of visiting teams stay at the Westin Diplomat in Broward County - which is on the ocean along with a lot of other hotels.

The Orioles arent staying in that area. We followed them out a ways on Key Biscayne to the Ritz Carlton. There is a guard at a gate to get into the resort/hotel area. No autograph seekers.

In Tampa where the Orioles stay its not a place that fans can hang out hoping to see players either.

Where the team is at the Ritz Carlton it quiet. A secluded area. Not much night life. Pretty low key.

I was wondering if Buck wants the team to stay where its quiet. No fans around to bother players. Not easy for the players to get in any trouble. No distractions.

It certainly would seem like a Buck thing to do.

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    • Longehagen still thinks Westburg is so bad that he needs a defensive caddy.  I’ll have to take his in person scouting of defense with a grain of salt.
    • Why would anyone downvote the OP?    Maybe we need a “K+” stat reflecting player K/9 divided by league average K/9, in order to compare pitchers across eras.       
    • Longenhagen went to 2023 JP Crawford as one picture of a Jackson Holliday path to a 5-win season.
    • The average K rate in 2023 was 8.7. (all pitchers) That's the fourth highest average behind 2020, 2021, and 2019. The 10th highest average is from 2014 at 7.7.    
    • Interesting guy. He's not built like a typical SP, 6'1" 205. However, he misses bats. In both college and in MiLB he averages a little over 11 K/9. Now he walks a few too many dudes, Bowie was 6.0 BB/9, but the stuff appears to play. Of note, walks were not as big of an issue when he was with Tampa Organization, pre-TJS. There is no advanced data from Baseball Savant but if he's throwing 4 pitches effectively and touching 98 post surgery, that's a big plus. I would love to see his advanced metrics from this spring. Gotta believe he starts in Bowie and will get to Norfolk soon if he's successful. I wonder if he will be on a strict pitch count.
    • It doesn’t seem that inconsistent to me.  Take what Longenhagen said: “He also isn’t currently a big league-quality shortstop defender and definitely isn’t better than Gunnar Henderson is right now….he’s talented enough to project as a suitable shortstop within the next couple of years.” For me, “suitable” doesn’t necessarily mean “good.”   It means adequate.   And you can find any number of bat-first adequate shortstops in the major leagues.  There’s one who just missed being unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame.  But in Holliday’s case, there’s a better SS on his team now, so I’m not sure he’s going to get the reps and experience to improve his play at SS in the next few years, so he may end up at 2B long term.  If so, that’s hardly the end of the world, for the Orioles or for him.  
    • That stat certainly shows how the game has changed over time, what are middle of the road K rates now rank as two of the top 10 in franchise history.  Something we all knew but this stat really highlights it, not sure why in the world it necessitated a down vote. 
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