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Baseball Hot Corner: Scout Reflects


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?When I was in Montreal, the general managers were Murray Cook, Bill Stoneman, Dave Dombrowski and Dan Duquette so they had pretty good people running the place,?? Haas said.

Haas would scout a lot of players and submit his evaluations to the various scouting directors and GMs.

?I remember guys like Delino DeShields, Marquis Grissom, Cliff Floyd, Rondell White and so on,? Haas said.

After a long stint living in his hometown of Paducah, Kentucky, Haas is living in the same city where Deshields is in his first season as Cincinnati?s Triple- A manager so one day Haas decided to make a trek to the ballpark to see Deshields. Of course, Deshields remembered Haas.

?I worked with Delino a lot in the minor leagues,? Haas said. Then Haas proceeded to tell a funny tale about when DeShields showed up in Louisville for a news conference announcing his appointment as skipper.

?DeShields started talking about the Expos and what a great group of guys they were and how it was a lot of fun. I had to laugh because a reporter then said, ?But you got traded, what did you think of that?? ??

Without missing a beat, DeShields elicited a few chuckles. ?Well, I got traded for a guy who won three Cy Young awards,? DeShields said.

?I don?t suppose you know to remember Pedro Martinez,? Haas needled this reporter, of course, all in fun, talking about the guy acquired in exchange for DeShields.

?I was in on discussions for the two times Pedro was traded, first from the Dodgers and then from the Expos,?? Haas said.

Haas also was in on a lot of discussions involving many Expos before they were drafted and when they were up for possible trade.

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