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Portland Press Herald: Nice Mike Yastrzemski Article


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"There are bloodlines you can't ignore," Bowie Manager Gary Kendall said. "He's just a grinder. He goes out there and competes. Put him anywhere in the lineup, you're going to get the same effort. A good player with good instincts. His work ethic is probably the same his grandfather had."

Kendall, 51, grew up watching the Orioles play in Baltimore. It was a treat when the Red Sox came to town.

"Mike's grandfather was special to watch," Kendall said.

But doesn't that make the expectation for Mike to be special, even greater? And wearing that name on the back of his jersey must add to the demands.

The grandson is used to the question.

"This is the only name I grew up with,? he said with a smile. ?I don?t feel any extra pressure. I just go out and play my game. Be myself."

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Good article.

The kid is a gamer.

I first saw him and was predetermine to have a harsh eye on him, figured the team drafted him for his pedigree and last name.

But, needless to say, the kid quickly won me over, he handles himself very well, he is a hustler and I have fallen for him.

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