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2015 12th (373) - Robert Strader - LHP - University of Louisville

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    • I agree completely with extending them. I do believe Sig will get some GM interviews this off-season if there are any openings left. 
    • I wonder if shifts are more effective (and banning shifts more impactful) in the majors because we have more data on MLB hitters' tendencies?  I don't know this, but I'd guess that they don't have full Statcast level tracking for guys in A ball.  You can guess where Heston Kjerstad is going to hit, but you know exact information about every ball Anthony Santander has hit in a game for years.
    • I have been posting on Bleacher Report that, while I may not like it, I still believe Westburg is the one traded this off-season. I think that's why he never got a call up to the majors. Not sure why they would move him because I really like his potential, but I think he is the headliner of a multi prospect deal. 
    • I think he gets a chance to start in spring training, but I really think his future lies in 6th-9th inning in relief. 
    • I'd love the story behind the one start, on the road, without Adley catching him. Has to be something juicy going on with that. If you look at him just as a reliever this season he was perfectly serviceable. As for pitch efficiency?  In today's game I'll take a guy that can give me five dominant innings a start. Bullpens can absorb that as long as the whole staff doesn't do it.
    • I think Hall started off a little too amped up.   He does have a tendency towards wildness and obviously when emotions are running high that’s a time when that trait can come out.  Kudos to Elias and Hyde for sticking with him and giving him a chance to get his feet back on the ground.   Now the issue is whether he can be sufficiently pitch-efficient to be a starter in the majors.  His last 8.2 innings, he averaged 17.7 pitches per inning.  That’s not awful, couid get him through 5+ and ocassionally 6 IP.  Of course, he only walked 2 batters in that span and honestly he’s more likely to be a 4+ BB/9 guy, especially next year.   In any event, I think the time he spent in the majors will allow him to be much better prepared and focused coming into 2023 than he would have been if they’d kept him in AAA following that one bad start.   I’m looking forward to seeing the 2023 version of Hall.     
    • No huge surprises here.  I’m counting the minutes before Can_of_corn posts something about how Elias said last winter that Rodriguez wouid be given a chance to make the 2022 rotation.  
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