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2015 29th (883) - Gabriel Garcia - C - Monteverde Academy (FL)

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The O's go back to the high school ranks in round 29 to select Gabriel Garcia, their first prep backstop of the 2015 draft.

Garcia stands in at 6'3", 205 pound and is committed to Florida International.

<iframe src='http://m.mlb.com/shared/video/embed/embed.html?content_id=150291583&topic_id=67565098&width=400&height=224&property=mlb' width='400' height='224' frameborder='0'>Your browser does not support iframes.</iframe>

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I saw him twice this year. Big strong kid, arm was strong and accurate. His hitting mechanics need work as it did not look like he used his lower half consistently. He appeared to be engaged throughout the games with an edge.

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    • “For me, the reason why our record is what it is … it's not because we're outscoring people,” Hyde said. “It's because of what we've done as a team defense situation, and Roogie has been a big part of that. … “Roogie has come up with some big hits for us, and I love the attitude he brings. I feel like he brings some toughness to us, I think he brings some edge, I love what he's like in the dugout and attitude-wise, and he comes ready to play. I think it's rubbed off on others this year.” Odor certainly has been valued -- the first name that his teammates offer up when asked why the clubhouse culture has been so vibrant, so cohesive this season. But if you ask him, that focus should be external. “I mean, you look around, there's a lot of good players on this team,” Odor said. “Like, a lot of young guys that not many people know, but it's a lot of good talent on this team. We play together like that and we have fun. And when we have fun, a lot of good things happen.” https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/rougned-odor-hits-go-ahead-two-run-homer-vs-blue-jays
    • Servideo did play yesterday, as DH and walking twice in three PA.
    • Buck would have been keeping the starters in longer to teach them to overcome adversity.  We also would likely be 10 games out of the wildcard because of that.   And I loved Buck and hope he wins with the Mets 
    • This is a fair critique, especially some of his actions in the beginning of his tenure. But he brought McPhail in who stabilized things and then decided to step away.  Maybe that was Angelos driving him crazy, can’t say. He then had a nice run with DD until they held on too long so he could win before he died.  He was willing to put money in to win. Maybe not as much as some owners, but more than others.   Definitely not the best owner, but also not the worst. 
    • I think we will see Stowers next week or the week after.  
    • Also, does anyone know the correct pronunciation of his last name?   The public address announcer put the emphasis on the second syllable (Vav-RA), which I haven’t heard from the TV or radio guys.  
    • Vavra reminds me of Nick Markakis with a little less power.  Quite honestly, if I could choose any player on the roster to come to bat in a 9th inning tie game with a runner on 3B and one out, I might just choose Vavra.   
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