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Francoeur says "We owe those guys an ass-whuppin to be honest with you."


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Heck of a game. The Phillies lit up CC. Yanks end up tying it at 6 a piece. Francoeur ends up dropping a fly ball in left which set up 2nd & 3rd one out. The reliever bails out Frenchy getting the final two outs. Maikel Franco has been torching the Yankees this series including hitting a 3 run home run tonight (3rd total in 2 games). He hasn't showboated one bit yet his next at bat he's plunked by the Yankees. In the 9th Franco has his revenge ripping a 2 run double off of Mr. no era Betances. Now the Phillies are up 11-6 in the 9th already with 5 runs this inning.

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When Francoeur said those guys' date=' he meant the Yankees and Pineda.[/quote']

The 1950 Yankees ruined it for the Whiz Kids, and the 2009 Yankees prevented the Phillies from winning back-to-back World Championships.

The southeastern Pennsylvanians owe the Yankees a few ass-whippings, and they are starting with this series.

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