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Steve Pearce Bobblehead Day (October 4th, vs. Yankees)


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ROCH KUBATKO: OFans will receive the Steve Pearce bobblehead at OPACY on Oct. 4. 1st 25,000 fans 15 and over. Does that assure him roster spot?

Not necessarily.

I remember when the Orioles had a Nolan Reimold bobblehead day in 2010, and he was in AAA-Norfolk on said day.

One year later (2011) the same thing happened when the Orioles had a Brian MAtusz Bobblehead Day (Matusz was at AAA-Norfolk on said day.)

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Was this the fan vote one? There's the problem. If you're doing a give away on Oct 4th it better be for a player that has a contract for 2016. So I guess that just leaves Schoop and Flaherty. haha

I would pay big time for a Ryan Flaherty Bobble head.

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    • Actions:  Grayson sent to AAA.
    • I certainly don't disagree that Westburg is ready.  But I do disagree that we will see him up soon as we stupidly have Frazier on the roster, and with 8M tied up in him, he isn't going to be cut or even be riding on the bench much.  It's foolish and headscratching, but it is what it is at this point.  Better guys will be stuck in the minors (Westburg, Ortiz) because we have the MLB roster clogged with guys that should have never been signed (Frazier) or should be moved IMO (Mateo).  
    • My message is  "Wake Up" and understand what is happening now Elias as more information now.   A month more. Elias just sent Grayson to AAA.  Why?  Because he had 5 starters that are better.   In SPRING TRAINING.    You think ST does not matter?   It mattered to Elias and Grayson. A month ago Elias didn't know how Westburg would do in ST.  Now he does.  878 OPS.   A month ago Elias didn't know how Frazier would do in ST.  Now he does.  597 OPS. I would think that Frazier would want to impress his new manager, coaches and teammates.  And that he would know he is competing for playing time at 2nd base with Urias, Vavra, Westburg and Ortiz.   597 is not going to cut it.  ST mattered to Elias and Grayson about starting.   Why would it not matter about 2nd base? I think Frazier has 17 days to turn it around.   Do I know its 17 days?  No.  It could be 30 days.  But Elias knows that last year the team went 7-14 in April.  And he does not want that to happen again. Elias is in win mode.   He will play his best players.  And he is going to pay the 8m whether Frazier starts a lot or a little.   The important thing is to win.  
    • So the question is, is there a penalty with that? You keep your pick this year but we want your 2 this year and your next 3 firsts.  The 4th pick is definitely worth a 1 and 2 and it’s obviously worth more in a regular trade.
    • There's no way he's pulling the plug on 8 million Frazier when he didn't pull the plug on 700k Rougned Odor last year.  Odor doesn't bring the versatility (Frazier can stand around in the outfield, BFD) that Frazier does so he's going to be more inclined to make us suffer the entire season. Frazier should have never been signed, Westburg should have had to battle it out in camp for the role.  But I agree with SG, he was ready late last year.
    • How common is it for a star player to request a trade in public and then the original team just ends up keeping him instead? I'm sure it happens but I'm guessing that is not the usual way of things.   I think Lamar making it public he wants out makes it more likely he goes.
    • I think the Colts are interested but want to make a trade with a package of picks that doesn’t include the #4 overall this year.
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