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Ryan Flaherty/Jon Schoop...


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Looking forward to Jon Schoop's return, but I hope Buck is going to work Flaherty around the diamond and get him some starts. His has a .347 OBP and a .764 OPS...he should be getting pretty regular at bats - especially considering the defense he brings to the table.

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There was a double-play attempt last night in which the batter's foot landed on first base just a fraction of a second before Flaherty's throw hit Parmelee's glove. I found myself wondering, "Would Schoop have nailed him?"

Happened twice. I was sitting directly behind 1B and had the exact same thought. Both plays were tough and Flaherty made accurate throws with a runner bearing down on him, but in both cases I think Schoop would have had enough extra zip to nail the runner.

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I fail to see what's so strange about Ryan Flaherty getting intentionally walked?? Seems completely normal to me :confused::confused::confused:

Yeah, surprised it doesn't happen more often. The guy yesterday was so intimidated he could barely through the IBB.

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