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Odd Fan Quirk That I Have Developed


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over the years. Feel free to post yours that are similar on this thread.

I have always despised the Yankees and root for any team to beat them, not just the Orioles. I have always hated the Mets as well albeit to a much lessor extent, since they "stole" the WS away from the Orioles in 1969 when they weren't supposed to even be in the same class as a team as the Orioles that year. I have always hated the Jets because of Namath and his boasting before superbowl III ( a game I personally believe was fixed by someone (Mob maybe) buying off Earl Morrall or threatening his family). The NY Knicks I have been fairly neutral about and actually kind of liked them when Van Gundy was the coach but hated them back when they beat the Baltimore Bullets during the Unseld, Earl Monroe era.

However, the odd quirk I have is I have always liked the NY Giants! I think it has to do with the fact they lost to the Colts back in the greatest game ever played in OT in 58 and were soundly thrashed by the same Colt team in 59, and then years later were victims of the Ravens in thier superbowl in in 2000.

So in essence they have been a lone good NY team if you are a Baltimore fan. Anyway, after watching them go through the playoffs this season beating the hated Cowboys on the road and handling the tough Packers in Green Bay I was overwhelmingly elated by their beating of the Cheatreates and winning the Lombardi. I also like their coach who I think is a great guy who wears his emotions on his sleeves and Eli who I think is underated because he is under the shadow of his big brother.

Anyway, I post this because the Giants have always been my second favorite NFL team and hold a special place for me, when otherwise I pretty much despise everything NY related. So this is my odd quirk as a fan.

Anyone else care to share theirs?

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