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Shorebird Roster Transactions July 3/4 Breen, Salas, Crichton & Nootbaar


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July 3

RHP Stefan Crichton reinstated from the temporarily inactive list

RHP Nigel Nootbaar placed on disabled list

July 4

SS Jared Breen placed on 60-day disabled list

SS Guillermo Salas transferred from Aberdeen (SS) to Delmarva

Jared Breen was injured on Friday night July 3. His injuries appear to be a fractured patella (right), a broken orbital (pars orbitalis), a concussion and other injuries.

From my seat behind home plate, it appeared that Jared ran into a railing that is on the side of steps that lead into the end of the 3rd base stands from the field a ways behind 3rd base. This may account for why he did not sense he was so near the wall. He was chasing a foul pop while looking over his shoulder running from the SS position. The third baseman has given up and turned his back and probably did not see Jared still running hard. The catcher may have yelled ?NO? but if so he could have been drowned out by the crowd noise. Then again, it happened so quickly, I may be wrong about the railing and he may have hit the wall directly. To me, it looked as if his knee hit the railing and his chest and head were forced down onto the railing and then the wall. He was probably knocked unconscious as he laid motionless for several moments. Trainer Trek Schuler was at full run from the dugout an instant after the collision. Stadium paramedics were summoned and the ambulance called quickly.


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