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What's The Most Impactful Move The Orioles Can Make In Their Postseason Push?


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I think switching Norris out for Gausman will turn out to be the most impactful. But Hunter needs to be a one inning guy...period. End of story. At least Bud has two pitches and could likely go two innings. The return of Schoop and Wieters playing more will be impactful. I read where DD is looking to upgrade starting or relief pitching by trade, but that may not be any more impactful than these two.

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Bundy has little value with his injury situation. What does Oakland want with Snider and Lough?
That's a whole bunch of nothing being offered up.

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Welp that's pretty much the farm guys. Other than Reyes or Cisco or our fringey guys in AAA.

There's two routes to get Kazmir, Zobrist and Reddick.

1. Trade Tillman for the 3.

Why the A's do it- They get a guy that was a top tier number 2 starter before this season, that is under control for 2016-17. They're not looking to do a rebuild. This year things just didn't work out. So they get a cost controlled vet starter to anchor their staff behind Gray.

2. Snider, Lough, Garcia, Bundy, Davies and Givens.

Why the A's do it-

Bundy-former uber prospect that has some injury issues. Could be another case of an O's pitching prospect blossoming with a new club. High Risk, High Upside.

Davies- Top 100 prospect in MILB right now. Rather that's on somebody's mid season list or post 2015 list. He is. 22. Under 3 ERA in AAA.

Givens- Cheap closer/set up guy. Beane loves cheap closers that he can auction off in a few years.

Garcia- The A's get a young power arm with 3 options left.

Lough- Cheaper, younger, better version of Sam Fuld. With any type of offensive production is around a 3 WAR player.

Snider- They get their platoon partner for 2016 that Reddick won't be. Cheap.

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This might be a copout answer, but the biggest move the O's COULD make for 2015 is a trade for Cueto or Hamels. But I haven't heard a single person who actually thinks that might happen.
And who do we give up to make either of these deals happen?
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