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Fangraphs Fan Approval Ratings For All 30 Front Offices in Baseball


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I?ve been thinking a little bit about front offices lately. Monday, I thought about the Mariners? misfortune in Robinson Cano developing some sort of energy-sapping stomach ailment. And not long back, I was thinking about the Angels, and Jerry Dipoto, and how the Angels might not be in a perfect position, but also how Arte Moreno forced Dipoto?s hand with some major transactions. What I keep coming back to is the idea that front offices are almost impossible to evaluate, in any meaningful way. Everything they do, they do for a reason, but there?s an enormous element of luck, and there are other sometimes hidden factors we might not know a lot about. Sometimes a decision really came from ownership. Sometimes a success or failure was more about player development. It?s almost hopeless out here. For these purposes, there?s little the analyst can do but react.

But then, I?m a big fan of crowdsourcing. Not necessarily because the people always know the answers, but because it can be really interesting just to see how different people think. Who pays more attention than you? Who thinks more critically than you? Why wouldn?t I want to tap into this audience, to see what it believes?

In this post, many polls. I want to know what you think about the front office of the team you follow most closely. I know this is an impossible task, but I want you to think about the front office independent of ownership, and independent of player development. Think about the methods, or about what you perceive to be the methods. Think about how the front office might work with an average payroll. And think about the front office right now. What?s really being asked: relative to the other front offices, how much would you believe in your team?s front office, if it were given an ordinary roster and an ordinary budget? Would it build something successful, or would it end up as a mess?

No part of me believes we?ll get real answers out of this. But it?s not like you?re being graded on how you vote. I?m interested, mostly, in how the 30 front offices are perceived. That?ll be made possible with your feedback. We?ve tried to grade the front offices before. Consider this your turn. And unlike when you?re picking a president, this time your vote could actually count for something. FanGraphs is for the people!

To proceed directly to a specific team poll, click on the team?s name below. The polls themselves ? you can probably figure out the polls themselves.


Fan approval ratings so far

1. Cardinals 92.88% GOOD

2. Cubs 92.54% GOOD

3. Pirates 89.48% GOOD

4. Astros 89.42% GOOD

5. Athletics 88.81% GOOD

6. Giants 85.49% GOOD

7. Rays 85.03% GOOD

8. Dodgers 80.92% GOOD

9. Nationals 73.16% GOOD

10. Braves 57.48% GOOD

11. Orioles 53.47% GOOD

12. Royals 51.97% GOOD

13. Blue Jays 49.89% GOOD

14. Yankees 43.90% GOOD

15. Indians 43.36% GOOD

16. Tigers 38.13% GOOD

17. Red Sox 34.39% GOOD

18. Rangers 30.74% GOOD

19. Mets 21.92% GOOD

20. Angels 20.80% GOOD

21. Twins 16.39% GOOD

22. White Sox 9.75% GOOD

23. Padres 7.35% GOOD

24. Marlins 6.82% GOOD

25. Reds 3.82% GOOD

26. Diamondbacks 3.49% GOOD

27. Brewers 3.42% GOOD

28. Mariners 2.80% GOOD

29. Phillies 1.41% GOOD

30. Rockies 1.00% GOOD

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