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It's Time to Promote Trey Mancini


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The time has past when Mancini should have been promoted. Now he should stay at Bowie and not be added to the major league roster. He is protected from the Rule 5 draft and there is not reason to burn a roster spot. Invite him to ST.

This is also true for Gunkel and Miranda.

Miranda's has shoulder inflammation, yeah?

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So with Alvarez having visa issues and Urrutia still having to wait his 10 days to come back up, this is a good time to call up Mancini and let him play vs two lefties.

Not going to happen. He isn't eligible for Rule 5 (as Wildcard discussed in another thread) and why start the clock now? We aren't winning anything.

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Or I was playing along. (Manny is all of four months younger and as far as I know Mancini doesn't have any attitude issues)

In other news no one cares about other then me, Mancini is exactly 20 years younger then I am.

Happy birthday!

Whoops...should have read further....

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