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Potential Landing Spots for Chris Davis

25 Nuggets

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Happy birthday, Chris Davis.

He's on the wrong side of 30! He's doomed! :eek:

Here's an article from Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post from a couple days ago: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/for-baltimores-chris-davis-offseason-wasnt-business-as-usual/2016/03/15/7f4bd0d4-eae0-11e5-a6f3-21ccdbc5f74e_story.html

"I try not to motivate myself by contracts or money or any kind of security because I feel like that can all be taken from you in the blink of an eye in this game, whether it’s injuries or another outside factor," Davis said. "For me, the real reason for going out and working and trying to be successful and be a productive player was really for my teammates and for the fans. I want to be a player that's exciting to watch. I want to be a player that my teammates can count on and a guy that's known as coming through in the clutch. So it was gratifying to see the hard work pay off, but I think it was kind of in a different way than most people think."

He agreed to the deal Jan. 21 and was an Oriole again. Still, he looked out at the free agent landscape and saw so many of his compatriots still looking for work.

"There were guys that were eight- and nine-year big league veterans that had had successful careers and had had productive seasons that were just sitting out there," he said. "To me, that was kind of head-scratching."

Davis was at his locker, wearing shorts and a T-shirt. His own foray into the business of baseball had ended with staggering riches. So he can, now and for seven years, talk about the Orioles, who have made the playoffs twice in four years but are coming off a flat 81-81 campaign that, Davis believes, "was kind of a misrepresentation of who we are."

He grabbed a bat before heading to work.

"I think there’s a little bit of unfinished business here," he said, and he could say that, because his business is finished.

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