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The O's and chances of getting Cole Hamels


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I came across this article as I was in between reading mlbtr.com, Pressbox online and Bleacher Report. It's an interesting piece, but I've never read from this site nor have I heard of it. Anyone lend any credence to this site? I?m just curious if this is legit. I'm assuming that the Phillies scouts were most likely to scout the Yankees, but was curious if anyone else heard any speculation or rumblings about this? One thing that made it somewhat suspect was the fact that if the Phillies were looking at a deal with us involving Cole Hamels, why would they be at an O's game and not at a game of one of our minor league affiliates. Mind you, the article is about a month old, and is during a time when Norris was still in the rotation. Anyways, looking for some insight. Thanks.

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Agreed, the no-hitter most likely puts him out of reach. I've always liked Hamels, and would love even more to see him pitching for the O's. As for the money, I thought this was an interesting take, but couldn't decide if I agreed or not, or even if I thought it was an intelligent statement.

The Orioles’ payroll currently sits at approximately $110 million. Looking ahead to next season, the team has only $44 million committed to its 2016 payroll. Do not underestimate the level of flexibility this gives the front office to add a significant portion of Cole Hamels’ guaranteed $83 million over the next three years. The fact that the Orioles have very little money committed to 2016 and beyond could also give them the flexibility to take on one of the Phillies’ unwanted former All-Stars like Ryan Howard or Jonathan Papelbon. When the Los Angeles Dodgers acquired Adrian Gonzalez from the Boston Red Sox, they were also forced to take Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett. If that’s the cost of doing business for the Orioles, then so be it.

Anyways, as I said, was just looking for some more insight, as I think we have a lot of great baseball-minded people within our OH community. I was hard-pressed with wishful thinking when Roy Halladay was a possibility years ago, and am now suffering with the same wishful thinking. No harm in being positive and hoping, but I agree it's a really long shot.

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The Orioles would probably have to trade Gausman+ to get Hamels. I think that would be a mistake. They need players like Gausman to provide cheap production to stay within payroll constraints. Other teams will probably be willing to offer more without tapping into their current core because they have deeper farm systems.

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    • It was huge. I wasn't old enough to read it until about the 1980 version, but I'd check it out from the library every few weeks and probably read it cover to cover multiple times. It was there that I found things like Willie Keeler's .432 average in 1897, for the National League Baltimore Orioles, of all things. I think many people don't realize that before the McMillan Encyclopedia there was no single comprehensive source for this information. In many cases no source at all. You mention the Whos Whos in Baseball publications, but they only had active players. And I'm not sure how accurate they were, or how comprehensive. If you wanted to see who won the American League in 1907... I don't know. Or who won the 1922 batting title if you didn't have a stack of old Sporting News or Spalding Guides. There were some earlier books, like one called Daguerreotypes, but they were not well known or widely available or probably very accurate. I think it's true that when Ty Cobb retired he probably didn't know how many hits he actually had. When Babe Ruth started hitting homers some writer had to go dig around old guides and total stuff up to see if he was getting near some career record. The Encyclopedia was the beginning of the end of people who'd tell these long-winded stories of great feats of baseball from decades ago that were mostly not true. End of the Cliff Clavin era.
    • I’d say Tampa.    I don’t want to see Arozarena in a playoff series. Ever. He kills us and I’m sure he’d go off on a big stage.  Their pitching is really good.     
    • There's a new test called the S2 cognition test that is supposedly a better predictor of QB success rates than Wonderlic, which has a lot of high profile misses, Lamar included.  (Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Steve McNair among others.)  With the number of misses on the Wonderlic test  it's hard for me to take the test seriously as a predictor of NFL quarterbacking success.  I also found this study that says the same thing:   https://harvardsportsanalysis.org/2014/04/wondering-about-the-wonderlic-does-it-predict-quarterback-performance/#:~:text=From the various tests we,and Wonderlic scores of quarterbacks.   S2 picked up on Brock Purdy being a possible diamond in the rough.  It started being taken around 2015, so its likely Lamar took it, but his score hasn't been publicized.  People made a big deal about it this past draft cycle because CJ Stroud did terribly on it apparenty.
    • The way I read this, anyone on the 40 man is eligible, even if they are in the minors. Then there are exceptions for players who aren't on the 40an. So yes, I am not expert in roster rules but I believe Grayson, Kjerstad etc could be optioned and still make the postseason roster as long as they stay on the 40 man roster.
    • If we’re just talking internal candidates then I think it’s pretty easy to put something accurate together. Personally, I don’t believe for a second that Holliday has a real chance at breaking OD. I think Urias at 3B, Henderson at SS, and Westburg at 2B is the most likely every day configuration if they’re not adding anyone significant from outside the organization.   If we start talking about potential moves for outside players then this gets a lot more dicey, but fun. Personally, I’d like to see two mid-rotation starters added. Give me something like Jordan Montgomery and Logan Gilbert. Tell me that a rotation of Rodriguez, Bradish, Montgomery, Gilbert, and Means is not one of the most balanced rotations in baseball. Insert similar names for the additions, I’m not particularly hung up on specifics right now. That’d push Wells and Kremer to the BP full time.  Id probably resign both Fuji and Hicks, if he’s interested. That leaves a bullpen with something like Cano, Fuji, Webb, Coulombe, Hall, Wells, Kremer, and Perez. I gotta agree about Bautista, unfortunately.    Big if, but if we are thinking that Holliday is a legit consideration then I’d be moving Urias. Mateo seems like a easy DFA. Ortiz can be the backup infielder. I may even consider moving Urias anyways and slotting Ortiz at SS until Holliday is ready.    Anyways, that’s really just an addition of a couple mid rotation starters (one through FA, one through trade), an okay bullpen addition, and possibly a veteran presence if Hicks is okay with a backup role in the OF. I don’t really feel the veteran presence is totally necessary, but judging by offseasons of the past, Elias finds it very necessary no matter how redundant the piece may be.    Also, there’s no room for all of Hays, Mullins, Santander, Cowser, Kjerstad, and Stowers. I’m thinking at least one of these OF guys can be part of the aforementioned trade for a mid rotation starter. Does something like Kjerstad, Basallo, and Urias get Gilbert? I dunno…getting too specific now. 
    • Adley’s going to reach base 250+ times this season.  Joe Mauer did that 4 times.  Mike Piazza did it twice. Johnny Bench once. Buster Posey never did.  Neither did Carlton Fisk, Gary Carter, Yadier Molina,  Jorge Posada or Ivan Rodriguez.  
    • That would certainly explain why O’Hearn is not allowed to hit against a LHP ever. 
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