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Only 2 WJZ Broadcasts left...


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    • I agree this is in general the case.  However, it is undeniable that some players do better in some spots than others.  It's possible that what we are seeing with Gunnar is sample size related, but he especially leading off the game does not appear generally very comfortable.  
    • Based on the game threads, if this team is like an early relationship I'm assuming you must've been tough on the girlfriends back in the day 😅
    • I was sitting behind the dugout last night. I can’t figure out how to post a photo from my phone but I had multiple shots of Henderson and Holliday standing side by side on the dugout rail while the Os were batting, talking. His other visible interactions also seemed normal to me. Plus the video of him in the wall with Cowser. Remember he was teammates when Cowser on the AAA championship team last fall, so he at least already knows him a bit. 
    • I feel bad for Hays because in any other time except for right now he would be a valuable player for the Orioles. Hays is now what McKenna was the last few seasons for this team. I hope Hays can land on a new team where he will get the chance to play everyday.
    • Damn, these boys are entertaining. I watch every game, every night. I am so frustrated when they do almost nothing offensively until the last third of the game, and then they somehow find a way to throw a switch and make the game...theirs. I'm sure this pattern is not sustainable...the alchemy that turns coal into a diamond..and makes gold bricks out of fools gold.But in the last year and the start of this one, this team has to be one of the most beguiling teams in the game. EVERY player seems to be able to step up in any moment, and soon, when he gets his feet under him ,Jackson Holliday will too. It's just a matter of time. Like most , if not all of you, I've suffered  as a fan watching this team in rebuild, and almost dropped my MLBTV subscription because a few seasons ago they were unwatchable. But boy, this team is not only compelling, and heart stopping to watch...I literally cant wait for game time every day. Look, rooting for any sports team is like early romance. You are attracted by all the positives...but then, somehow, reality sets in and often the romance is filled with disappointment, and then disdain at being  "betrayed" by flaws and foible. I know I may sing a different tune and be filled with frustration and anger at a "underachieving " club eventually. It will happen. It's not me being fickle. It's me expecting perfection every night.Its unrealistic, I know. But for now, for this stretch...I have the budding romance and a love for these boys and their ability as any time since...well, since last year. THESE BOYS ARE FUN TO WATCH. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?
    • In the past we had very little talent. today we have too much. what a problem to have.
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