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HOF Changing Voting process

Redskins Rick

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Should help clear out the backlog of players waiting to get in.

I am expecting some large classes the next couple years.

Just based on last year's public ballots, Mike Piazza would have had enough votes to get in (78.87%). Here's a look at how much some of the incumbents lost in the silent vote:

69.9 Mike Piazza (78.9)

55.7 Jeff Bagwell (66.9)

55.0 Tim Raines (68.3)

39.2 Curt Schilling (53.5)

37.5 Roger Clemens (45.8)

36.8 Barry Bonds (45.8)

30.2 Lee Smith (16.9)

27.0 Edgar Martinez (27.5)

25.1 Alan Trammel (23.9)

24.6 Mike Mussina (38.7)


We now have a legitimate shot at a second straight four-man induction class of Griffey Jr, Piazza, Bagwell and Raines. Curiously enough, Lee Smith may see his vote total drop significantly.

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