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Poor Cubs Fan With Broken Heart...


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In a nutshell:

  • Cubs fan's girl dumps him
  • He makes a website, asking the world if the Cubs can mend his broken heart
  • The world laughs it's ass off at his teen-age girl diary style prose and self pity
  • And also the fact that he's looking to the Cubs - the Cubs! - to mend his broken heart
  • Guy realizes he looks like an idiot and removes most of the content


And here's some of the goofy stuff that was up there but has since been taken down...


It's probably just a hoax. And btw Cubbie fans, please don't take offense - your team might actually mend some broken hearts before the Orioles do.

Mods, this may not actually belong in the 'MLB' section, so move it (or remove it) as you see fit...not that you need my permission...

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