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So...who plays 1st base in 2016?

Moose Milligan

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I'm happy that Davis is tearing it up in the 2nd half and on his way to a productive season. IMO, a torrid finish in 2012, an amazing 2013 and what's turning out to be a great 2015 outweighs the dud that 2014 was. IMO, he's got the best plate approach on the team, his on base percentage is almost always .80-.100 points higher than his batting average and no one else can say that in our lineup. He's a big man but he's a great athlete. I think the recent "Yeah, he's like Adam Dunn and Ryan Howard" posts are lazy. They're all big men, but the comparisons end there.

Safe to say, he's a Boras client and he'll be out of here most likely.

Who do you think is starting at 1B on Opening Day, 2016? Who do you want?

I hate these types of threads but I also hate that Davis will be gone :(

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Who do I want -- Chris Davis, c'mon. He's the best option.

Who will it be -- assuming it's not Chris Davis... either Trey Mancini or Christian Walker, possibly platooning with a left handed bat. The Davis money would probably go to someone like Justin Upton.

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Pearce, Mancini, or someone outside the organization.

The 1B FA crop is pretty underwhelming

First Basemen

Jeff Baker (35)

Chris Davis (30)

Edwin Encarnacion (33) – $10MM club option with a $2MM buyout

Garrett Jones (35)

Justin Morneau (35) – $9MM mutual option with a $750K buyout

Mike Napoli (34)

Steve Pearce (33)

Sean Rodriguez (31)

I doubt EE gets to hit FA and even if he did I don't want him at his age. He's fun to watch though.

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The Orioles sign Ike Davis after he is non-tendered by the Oakland A's. Who do I want the Orioles to sign? I don't know. The FA class for first basemen is extremely weak. There will be some team out there who will massively overpay for Chris Davis. I wouldn't mind if the Orioles tried Paredes at first base. It would make things much easier since there are a lot more talent available in the corner outfield/DH positions.

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I'll be pleasantly shocked if the Orioles sign Davis.

My money is on Christian Walker. He is 24 years old right now and his MiL numbers show he doesn't have much to improve upon at that level. He is the cheap and easy option. I suspect he will provide 70-80% of Chris Davis' production at 1/20th the cost. And play better 1B defense.

Pearce will likely get a crack at it as well.

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I could see it being Napoli. A down year will put him in the Orioles price range, he provides power and on base skills. I wonder about his defense though. When looking at potential position players for the Orioles you can pretty much rule out anyone who is not an above average defendder. That include Paredes.

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I keep seeing Pearce's name pop up. Do people really expect him to be resigned?
I do, but I expect him to remain in his current role of part-time OF/1B/DH.

I do see him being resigned here.

The rest of the league will look at his career numbers and last year was a career year for him.

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