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Bundy and Harvey

Flacco Machado

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Any news in regards to these two?

Bundy was supposed to not pick up a ball again until the soreness in his shoulder was gone.

Harvey was diagnosed with the flexor mass strain on May 18 and was supposed to start a throwing program.

I've seen nothing from our local media asking or interviewing anyone in the organization about either of them. Even if there's no "progress" to report, some sort of update would be nice.

Is Bundy still experiencing soreness? Is Harvey on his throwing program, and if he is, is he progressing?

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    • The 2024 Orioles already have a run differential of +114, compared to +129 all last year.  The O’s are on a +260 run pace.  Here’s how that compares with the biggest run differentials in Orioles’ history: 1969 +262 1970 *218 1971 + 214 1973 +193 1979 *175 1980 +165 1966 +154 1983 +147 1996 +131 2023 +129 1975 +129 The 2024 O’s already have passed every other team in Orioles’ history in run differential, 71 games into the season.  Hopefully they can climb a long way up this ladder.
    • This is a very good article that can levels be summed up as pulling the ball in the air is the best thing a hitter can do. It’s why some guys like Isaac Paredes, Jose Ramirez, Nolan Arenado, and even Anthony Santander (to a degree) can outperform their expected numbers, and one of several reasons why xwOBA, xBA, xSLG, etc. aren’t predictive. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/an-meandering-examination-of-fly-ball-pull-rate-featuring-stars-of-the-game-and-also-isaac-paredes/
    • Walker is good but has there been much indication that SFG would trade him? He’s their best reliever and they are only 0.5 games back of a WC spot. Looks like he also has 5 years of control left too. 
    • Feel free to ignore it and not respond.
    • Ok, so let's do it this way. Let's take the uniforms and team names off of the situation. Let's say it's not Orioles vs Yankees. But team A vs team B.  Now in that scenario, you compare the pitching talent of Carlos Rodon vs the talent Irvin/Kremer/Povich, which would you favor objectively? When you have an org with this much talent, my opinion is that we should be beyond being the underdog and relying on magical thinking that lesser talented players will outperform more talented ones. I know that we have been conditioned to that being the case for the last 30- 40 years. But it needn't not be that way anymore IMO.
    • I think this is the real question. I’ll trade those guys but it would be for a real difference maker. Betts, Ohtani, Soto, Judge, Witt Jr, Harper. No seller has a guy with track record of success and degree of certainty. 
    • I agree 100% that you can get relievers without your top prospects. The exception might be a closer.    In regards to a bat, I could see Elias upgrading CF. I don’t know if Getz has learned from being unreasonable yet. But it would be a move that I’m all over if it was my decision. Kjerstad would be the main piece going the other way. Robert is controlled and Kjerstad isn’t particularly strong defensively in the OF. I think Santander can be retained for a reasonable contract if need be. This alignment sends you into the offseason with Cowser at me COF and Robert in CF. You’d have Norby, Stowers, and Billy Cook that could fill your 3-5 OF slots if Santander departs. Plus you’d also have the option of moving O’Hearn to RF  
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