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Chris Davis' mustache/ great baseball mustaches


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Here are some classic 1800s baseball mustaches:

The Apollo of the Box, sometimes ambidextrous pitcher and 1894 Oriole Tony Mullane:


Near-HOF quality pitcher and HOF-quality mustache Bobby Mathews:


Recent HOF inductee Deacon White, who famously said "no man is going to sell my carcass unless I get half":


HOFer Tim Keefe:


HOFer King Kelly, once sold for the unheard-of sum of $10,000 ($8755 was just for the facial hair):


Another member of the 1894 Orioles, first baseman Big Dan Brouthers:


And one more HOFer, Big Sam Thompson:


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Back in those days, the mustache was a sign of being a man, and the fact that it was extremely difficult to shave in those days.

Just yesterday I was reading an article on people found preserved in northern European peat bogs. Some of them 1000s of years old but so well preserved by the bog that you could see their couple days worth of stubble. So folks were shaving in, like, 3000 BC.

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