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Hardballtimes: Forecasting Pitcher Platoon Splits.


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This model as our "prior" when projecting pitcher platoon splits, regressing each pitcher's observed platoon splits toward the model's predictions instead of toward an average split. A mixed effects model suggests that we should regress a right-handed pitcher's observed platoon splits by adding in roughly 1,670 harmonic plate appearances, or about 800 innings pitched of his prior. For left-handed pitchers, for whom our prior carries less information, we use only 570 harmonic plate appearances, which a left-handed starter might reach in 380 innings and a left-handed reliever (who likely faces more lefties) might reach in only 280 innings. Using observed career level splits and these regression levels we can estimate career-level wOBA splits. The distributions of priors based on the ridge regression model as well as distributions of estimated career-level splits for left-handed and right-handed pitchers are shown below.


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    • Integrity?  I don't like Aaron Judge making us his ***** for 6+ years.  Let him hit it against someone else.  He's had a great, historic season, it's been plenty fine for MLB.  I like the MLB just fine, but they still can't overcome their issues when Judge is hitting 60+ homers and you have a guy in Anaheim doing stuff no one's ever seen before and they're having a hard time getting people out to the park to see it.  MLB is declining in popularity whether or not Judge hits 1, 2 or 13 homers this weekend.
    • You pitch to Judge if it makes sense in the game to pitch to Judge and you walk him if it makes sense to walk him. The Orioles are "essentially" out of contention, but you still play to win the games. If Judge comes up with a runner on second and 1 out late in a close game, I'm walking him to set up the double-play and go after a lesser hitter. But I'm not walking him to walk him. If he hits 62, 63 or whatever against us then congratulations to him....hopefully we win anyway. 
    • Thank goodness that PED using Ruth lost the record!   Baseball players cheat, they just do. Folks need to grow up about it. Lots of your favorite players growing up were probably cheating. Bonds was just better, better at it and better at baseball.
    • Yes.  I enjoyed the recaps and the video clips.   Thank you!
    • That's fine, I guess.  I dunno, I don't feel the need to re-hash the steroid arguments and who the "real" record holders are, or should be. Find it odd that he'd want that to come at our expense though.  You and I can disagree on Judge hitting a record breaking homer against us, I'm good with that as I recognize my stance as being petty, I also just don't care about being petty when it comes to the Yankees.  Petty is also their fans crying a f'ing river last week at the prospect of Michael Kay not calling the record breaking homer because they had a Friday night game on Apple TV and We DeSeRvE tO hAvE a GoOd AnNoUnCeR CalL tHiS!   That said, at least you qualified your statement with you're okay with him doing it against us as long as it's in a loss.  Which, being realistic, is what I'd hope for, too.
    • I think any late game situation where he comes up as the tying or winning run you walk him.
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