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Mike Mussina Convinced He's Won A World Series


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I'm not disagreeing that you are right considering how bad the O's have been over the last decade. However that doesn't change the fact for me (and I suspect a lot of other Orioles fans) that I still despise the New York Yankees.

Tex will get a strong negative reaction if he comes to Baltimore wearing pinstripes and there would be nothing wrong with that. There is also nothing wrong with people who choose to cheer for Moose. I understand the connection to the player can transcend their choice of laundry. It's like in football where I am kind of on the other side of the fence where I've remained a Colts fan even after they chose to move on to greener pastures.

I'm just glad there is still enough passion about the Orioles for a good number of fans to still despise the Yankees and their players including the ones who may have been worthy Orioles at one time. Mussina's choice in laundry doesn't diminish my appreciation for what he did while here, I'm just not going to cheer him or root for him while he's playing for the Yankees.

Fair enough. But can I assume in July, 2011, when number 35 is on the mound at OPACY getting inducted into the Orioles HOF that you will be on your feet cheering the man?

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The Yankees are the enemy. I don't care about any other reasons. I will always hold a grudge against him for signing with the Yankees. If he would have signed with any other team in baseball I would not have any grudge at all. Maybe a small one with Boston but that's it. I don't even want him in the O's HOF.

P.S. - I hope everyone realizes that the Onion is completely made up. There were a couple posts that I couldn't tell if they were joking or not.

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