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A wound that time has not healed for me


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I agree with the OP completely. The Os losing to the Mets was incomprehensible to my 12 year old mind. The Orioles in those years would throw their gloves out on the field and teams would quit. In this era of parity and few true dynasties, it is hard to explain how dominant teams like the Os, the As were. Jim Bouton, in his book Ball Four and playing on the Seattle Pilots against this team, said it this way..."The Baltimore Orioles are in town. Which reminds me of a cartoon I once saw. A little boy is forlornly carrying a bat and glove on his shoulder. "How did you do, son?," his father asked. "I had a no-hitter going until the big boys got out of school."

I was at the first game, Buford's homer landed 2 rows from where I was sitting-it is still the closest I have ever come to a ball in all the games I have attended. Seaver was easily beaten and I was thinking sweep, like 1966. The Colts loss was as devastating as my Dad was President of the Colts Corral and we were HUGE Colts fans and the Colts were an even bigger steamroller as they had beaten a good Browns team 34-0 in the NFL championship game. I have been to every World Series the Os have played in, but 1969....it is like a scene from a John Updike Rabbit novel for me...it will never fade.

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