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Game Tonight?


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Today IS Friday.

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How I wish that were true. But today is Thursday.
GDit. I am in a stretch of like 12 days in a row at work. You just made me more depressed hah.

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Sometimes we see what we wish to see. :)

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    • Several years ago I changed my profile pic to a press photo of Mike Elias after he was hired.  I hoped that it would the start of a sea change for the organization.  I loved his background, his local ties and the way he spoke and thought about the game.  I read the Astros book that featured Elias and Sig and was excited about what they could do for the team I have loved for 45+ years.  And never in my wildest dreams could I have ever envisioned the team that they put on the field yesterday.     GRod - 2018 first round pick, not an Elias pick but the way he was developed in this system would have never occurred in the past Adley - 2019 first round pick, the no brainer pick but the first made by Elias and the true pivot point for the organization, the culture change the day he was called up Gunnar - 2019 second round pick, the most talented player on the team and one of the top ten in baseball Kjerstad - 2020 first round pick Westburg - 2020 competitive balance pick, 30th overall Cowser - 2021 first round pick, a pick not liked by many at the time because it was under slot and many wanted Kumar Rocker or Jordan Lawler Holliday - 2022 first round pick, not the no brainer that Adley was because of Druw Jones and Elijah Green among others, Elias and Sig made the right call   The organization can clearly identify and develop talent.  For me though it is something more than that.  They seem to be able to identify something in the character and makeup of the players that not everyone else sees.  All the stories about the cohesion of the locker room, the vibe in the minors, how much these guys pull for each other and get along matters over the course of a long season.  I have been a fan for 45+ years and this is without a doubt the best time to be an Orioles fan that I have ever experienced.  They were great last year, they will be great this year and this is just the beginning.  The change in ownership is just the cherry on top of the sundae.  Everyone talks about extension for Gunnar or Adley or Holliday but for me the press conference I hope for the most is an announcement of a ten year extension for Elias and Sig.  
    • I know I'm getting up there in age but I could have sworn he was in the majors last year. Edit- Just checked and yea, 13 games last season.  Even played some outfield last year.
    • He looked much smoother than O'Hearn does.  It was his first game up.  I am sure he was a bit nervous.  Adell made a nice play yesterday.  He was absolutely abominable when he first came up.  Cowser was terrible last year.  Kid needs reps.  I was impressed that he looked a little thinner than last year.  That should help for range.
    • I'm not trying to put to much weight to his 2018 performance but I do think it is fair to say that the uptick in velocity was pretty key to his success.  I think fans tend to undervalue velocity, maybe they find the idea of a crafty guy painting the corners as being more appealing? 
    • I get they had to get him out of the Monday-Sunday slot Suarez now has so as not to miss the Yankees series, but I do kind of wish they pushed him up to Sunday in Kansas City. Much of his career has been Sigbot regulated how much an Arm as strong as his is allowed to throw, and so far the broad health results are favorable. Flimsy command is I believe helped more pitching more, or at least those were the kind of things I remember people like Scott McGregor saying about why they preferred the 4-man rotation when that practice was dying out and I was a young child. This fork in the calendar path does slot him to Yankees Game 1, and leaves the door cracked for Bradish in Game 4 next Thursday afternoon.
    • A lot.  The first part of last year and this is what happens when he doesn't.
    • I see nothing wrong with this. He made an adjustment and put it in play.  Sometimes that happens when you are fooled.  
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