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Hall of Famer or Not?


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Many have spoken of the slight that was thrust upon Marvin Miller in his exclusion from the Hall-of-Fame on the last vets ballot. While he certainly has his place in baseball history he is not a baseball man, he is a union leader. He could have been fighting for air-traffic controllers or communications workers and he would have done it with the same zeal. But nonetheless he should have his place in the HOF because he pioneered a major change and had great impact on the game.

So, while that argument has gone around and around for a while it led me to yet another similar candidate. Someone who is not really a baseball man but his pioneer work in another field has clearly impacted the game in a VERY positive way. Some may say he has made one of the greatest impacts on the game. That person is Dr. Frank Jobe the pioneer of the Tommy John surgery. I can't begin to count the number of all-star and hall-of-fame careers that might never have been if not for his groundbreaking procedure. Sure somebody else might have come along and eventually done it but can't we say that about every pioneer in every walk of life?

For my money, Dr. Frank Jobe is a Hall-of-Famer and as pioneers go sits right up there with Spaulding, Cartwright, Bill James, Marvin Miller and a few others.

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