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Tonight is the most important rain out of the season


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If they don't get rained out tonight the season is over, if they end up playing tonight next year will be a rebuilding year.

I agree, but only if they play and Minnesota gets a man on in the first inning. If that happens, maybe try to pass Davis, Chen and O'Day through waivers, try to make a deal for them.

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If it rains, it'll be slippery in the parking lot. If it's slippery in the parking lot, an arbalest might not be sufficient to defeat the oak tree that threatens to end the Orioles' season. If the Orioles season isn't ended, they'll have to play all the way through the break against robots, and they'll be so tired that their next regular season against real people will be horrible and they'll break the record for losses in a season.

Sent from a sleepy, half-dozing haze while sitting at my desk at work because I didn't get enough sleep. Sufficiently little sleep without caffeine is indistinguishable from being drunk.

NB: This message was not intended to make any sense whatsoever.

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    • Part of the reason is that the O’s don’t want to consign Melanie solely to sideline reporter and pre/post game duties.   So, they need someone when Melanie is elsewhere.  But I don’t want to turn this into a Melanie thread.  I hope Wagner proves to be a good announcer.
    • Keegan Gillies is someone to watch.  Kade Strowd throws hard and has an inconsistent slider.  I don’t expect him to be a nugget.  Dylan Heid doesn’t throw real hard but he’s interesting as well.
    • I thought the same about the national broadcast bit. Hopefully that grows over time. I like the radio guys to have an interesting voice or delivery, something both Hollander and Arnold have. Wagner is a bit of a straight man, though he seems good at his job.
    • Nothing from that game made me regret the trade.  
    • It's a bit much, right? Surely we can just have Hollander take all of Garceau's spots at this point.  While we're at it, why is Rob Long doing anything on TV? His sports radio show is fine, but I have never seen more awkward moments and trouble spitting out sentences on live TV than Rob Long doing these mid-game interviews and post-games wrap-ups. Why do we need Melanie AND Rob on the same broadcast? Melanie is great at that stuff and can handle of all it IMO. Just seems unnecessary. 
    • It would be very unusual, but nothing about the Athletics right now is typical. Mason Miller’s huge injury risk also makes it even more of a reason to make them open to dealing him now. If he were a position player prospect it wouldn’t be the same equation.  The Athletics made Miller a RP because they think he physically can’t handle starting. If they think that’s a permanent shift, they should trade him. No sense in having 6 years of an elite RP when you’re in the A’s position. 
    • Someone mentioned on a broadcast that he was under the weather during a lot of spring training.  If that's true... I wonder how much it sapped his strength because even balls he hit hard (like the one to right field the other night) didn't travel like some of his well struck balls in the past have.   That's all conjecture though. 
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