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I Think I Would Let Wieters Go


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In any case, I'm happy with Caleb Joseph as the starting catcher, and there have to be plenty of smarter ways to spend $15 million (on the tiny chance that Wieters accepts the QO).

I think there is a very good chance he puts up career averages or a bit better next year.

Then you know he will refuse the next QO.

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Two years ago I held that Wieters was one injury away from being an overpaid first baseman (and that he wasn't worth more than $10M a year)... And then he had an injury... And then, watching the lowlights last night on ESPN, I saw him playing first base, and I realized just how sad that was... I have no concern for Wieters' future at this point. I don't think he helps the Os much at all. The only interesting aspect is whether or not we offer him a QO. As Weams frequently points out, NO ONE HAS EVER accepted a QO, so I don't see how the Os risk much by doing it. At least we'll get something for him...

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