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I Think I Would Let Wieters Go


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Even if he would accept the QO (I seriously doubt he would), we could always trade him.

And that actually could end up the best scenario. Say we make a Wieters trade where we pay 4 of the 16 mil in exchange for a high quality prospect in AA. In effect, we're paying 4 mil for a good player who's a year away from the bigs - rather than waiting 4 years for a draft pick with essentially the same talent to develop.

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Pay Davis. I'd like to keep O'day but I'd rather spend that 7-8 million on a corner OF'er or SP. We should be able to afford to keep Davis and bring in a OF'er and SP. The bullpen can be made up on the cheap, and still be really good.






SJ, Rondon, Wilson, Drake

LH-Mac, Chris Jones, or a cheap vet LOOGY

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