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Elvis Steals Home!

Il BuonO

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Believe it or not Nelson Cruz tried a straight steal of home plate last season when he was with the Orioles.

There were 2 outs, so I didn't have a big problem with the fact that he tried it, and that he was thrown out.

Obviously, it wasn't Cruz' speed that he was relying on, but rather the fact that there were TWO element of surprise at hand ......

A) A straight steal of home by anybody (even very fast guys) is pretty rare, so there was that element of surprise.


B) Cruz is not fast, so it (the attempt) was even more particularly unexpected than it ordinarily would be.

He took a calculated risk. It didn't work. Not a big deal to me (again, because there were already 2 outs. If he had tried it with 1 out, I would have wanted to kill him.)


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