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vs. RAYS, 9/02


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What kind of shot did they give you?

No idea. I was seeing my doctor for a regular checkup and he said "Do you want the flu shot while you're here?". He recommended it so I said yes.

I've had it before, never had an adverse reaction. And that was at 9AM, I didn't really start feeling " off" until 8 or 9 pm.p

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All of this would be easier to stomach if we had made it to the World Series last year. Instead of letting go, I find that my bitterness and resentment towards the Royals is only increasing.

Yeah, I was really hoping they'd do like the 2012 Ravens, who bounced back from a crushing playoff loss at NE to win it all the next season. Instead, these O's are looking like their window for a title has slammed shut.

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