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USA Today: Baseball's Ideal Player


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When Manny Machado arrived at Baltimore's Camden Yards on Aug. 31, the Platinum Glove winner at third base found a once-familiar number next to his name on the lineup card.

"Saw my name in the lineup at shortstop," Machado said this week at Yankee Stadium. "There was no talk why the situation was coming up. Just saw my name with the 6 next to it. It's a position I've always played, so I was comfortable.."

The move represents the full range of Manny Machado's talent and the particulars of the Orioles' roster, but it is also telling about the state of infield play as the 2015 season reaches its final month. There's much talk about how the NBA is evolving to a positionless state, but the rapid influx of shifting is pulling baseball closer to that new reality as well, particularly on the infield.

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Pretty great story. Lots of detail on baseball strategy, good quotes from Manny and Buck. Much better than you would expect from a national media story. I will keep me eye open for more from Megdel.

I thought it was better than the last couple threads I saw started.

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