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4 consecutive non-losing seasons


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This was the Orioles' 6th-best record since 1995:

[TABLE=width: 802]<tbody>[TR][TD]Rank[/TD][TD]Year[/TD][TD]Team[/TD][TD]League[/TD][TD]W[/TD][TD]L[/TD][TD]Pct[/TD][TD]GB[/TD][TD]Pos[/TD][TD]Attendance[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]1[/TD][TD=align: right]1997[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]98[/TD][TD=align: right]64[/TD][TD=align: right]0.605[/TD][TD]-[/TD][TD=align: right]1[/TD][TD=align: right]3,711,132[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]2[/TD][TD=align: right]2014[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]96[/TD][TD=align: right]66[/TD][TD=align: right]0.593[/TD][TD]-[/TD][TD=align: right]1[/TD][TD=align: right]2,464,473[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]3[/TD][TD=align: right]2012[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]93[/TD][TD=align: right]69[/TD][TD=align: right]0.574[/TD][TD=align: right]2[/TD][TD=align: right]2[/TD][TD=align: right]2,102,240[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]4[/TD][TD=align: right]1996[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]88[/TD][TD=align: right]74[/TD][TD=align: right]0.543[/TD][TD=align: right]4[/TD][TD=align: right]2[/TD][TD=align: right]3,646,950[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]5[/TD][TD=align: right]2013[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]85[/TD][TD=align: right]77[/TD][TD=align: right]0.525[/TD][TD=align: right]12[/TD][TD=align: right]3[/TD][TD=align: right]2,357,561[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]6[/TD][TD=align: right]2015[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]81[/TD][TD=align: right]81[/TD][TD=align: right]0.5[/TD][TD=align: right]12[/TD][TD=align: right]3[/TD][TD=align: right]2,281,202[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]7[/TD][TD=align: right]1995[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]71[/TD][TD=align: right]73[/TD][TD=align: right]0.493[/TD][TD=align: right]15[/TD][TD=align: right]3[/TD][TD=align: right]3,098,475 [/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]8[/TD][TD=align: right]1998[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]79[/TD][TD=align: right]83[/TD][TD=align: right]0.488[/TD][TD=align: right]35[/TD][TD=align: right]4[/TD][TD=align: right]3,685,194[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]9[/TD][TD=align: right]2004[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]78[/TD][TD=align: right]84[/TD][TD=align: right]0.481[/TD][TD=align: right]23[/TD][TD=align: right]3[/TD][TD=align: right]2,743,495[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]10[/TD][TD=align: right]1999[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]78[/TD][TD=align: right]84[/TD][TD=align: right]0.481[/TD][TD=align: right]20[/TD][TD=align: right]4[/TD][TD=align: right]3,431,829[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]11[/TD][TD=align: right]2005[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]74[/TD][TD=align: right]88[/TD][TD=align: right]0.457[/TD][TD=align: right]21[/TD][TD=align: right]4[/TD][TD=align: right]2,624,804[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]12[/TD][TD=align: right]2000[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]74[/TD][TD=align: right]88[/TD][TD=align: right]0.457[/TD][TD=align: right]13.5[/TD][TD=align: right]4[/TD][TD=align: right]3,297,031[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]13[/TD][TD=align: right]2003[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]71[/TD][TD=align: right]91[/TD][TD=align: right]0.438[/TD][TD=align: right]30[/TD][TD=align: right]4[/TD][TD=align: right]2,454,523[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]14[/TD][TD=align: right]2006[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]70[/TD][TD=align: right]92[/TD][TD=align: right]0.432[/TD][TD=align: right]27[/TD][TD=align: right]4[/TD][TD=align: right]2,153,139[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]15[/TD][TD=align: right]2011[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]69[/TD][TD=align: right]93[/TD][TD=align: right]0.426[/TD][TD=align: right]28[/TD][TD=align: right]5[/TD][TD=align: right]1,755,461[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]16[/TD][TD=align: right]2007[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]69[/TD][TD=align: right]93[/TD][TD=align: right]0.426[/TD][TD=align: right]27[/TD][TD=align: right]4[/TD][TD=align: right]2,164,822[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]17[/TD][TD=align: right]2008[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]68[/TD][TD=align: right]93[/TD][TD=align: right]0.422[/TD][TD=align: right]28.5[/TD][TD=align: right]5[/TD][TD=align: right]1,950,077[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]18[/TD][TD=align: right]2002[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]67[/TD][TD=align: right]95[/TD][TD=align: right]0.414[/TD][TD=align: right]36.5[/TD][TD=align: right]4[/TD][TD=align: right]2,682,439[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]19[/TD][TD=align: right]2010[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]66[/TD][TD=align: right]96[/TD][TD=align: right]0.407[/TD][TD=align: right]30[/TD][TD=align: right]5[/TD][TD=align: right]1,733,019[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]20[/TD][TD=align: right]2009[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]64[/TD][TD=align: right]98[/TD][TD=align: right]0.395[/TD][TD=align: right]39[/TD][TD=align: right]5[/TD][TD=align: right]1,907,163[/TD][/TR][TR][TD=align: right]21[/TD][TD=align: right]2001[/TD][TD]Baltimore Orioles[/TD][TD]American League[/TD][TD=align: right]63[/TD][TD=align: right]98[/TD][TD=align: right]0.391[/TD][TD=align: right]32.5[/TD][TD=align: right]4[/TD][TD=align: right]3,094,821



</tbody><colgroup><col span="2"><col><col><col span="5"><col></colgroup>[/TABLE]

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I don't understand why that would be interpreted as "bad" news.

If the Indians had broken their own record for winning percentage by an American League team by going 117-45, would that be "bad news" because the record that they broke occurred 61 years ago? :confused:

I read it as "bad news" because 1985 was 30 years ago, not 20. Meaning we are all older than the post indicated. A play on years gone by as opposed to something baseball related.

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    • Baseball’s a funny game.  We spend 1.4M on Carter Young who played at D1 powerhouse Vanderbilt and he hasn’t looked too good so far in his pro career.  A year later in the 20th round, we pick Vazquez from North Greenville University (sorry. Never heard of it), sign him for 30k and he puts up an .822 OPS at Delmarva.  This year both Vazquez and Young are at Aberdeen and it’s not too difficult to guess which one is the better prospect. In 46 PA, Vazquez has 12 walks to 7 strikeouts and a .933 OPS.  In addition, he’s stolen 7 bases in 8 tries.   @Tony-OH also has said he’s a good defensive SS. 2023 draft.  Etzel in the 10th.  Vazquez in the 20th.  Nice job, scouts.
    • They may be a way to start him out. But I hope that is not the plan long term. If you had a chance to listen to Hyde's comments they appear to be trying to build Bradish back up into a regular starter. He talked about him building toward 80 pitches in his next rehab outing. In order for this team to get where it wants to go, we will need the Bradish of last year (or a comparable pitcher to that).
    • Hopefully Means gets a rehab extension for another 30 days. If not, this seems right to me. Does Bradish go to the pen, or does he start with one of Suarez, Kremer, or Irvin pushed to the pen? I kind of like Bradish as an opener with Irvin backing him up most of his starts.
    • He threw that fastball right down the shoot on a 1-2 count. That was not a case of Trout being Trout. It was a case of horrible location. I have to believe that it was not his intention to throw it there after he watched us beat Trout several times the night before with hard stuff up in the zone (Trout's only weakness). Maybe the extra day messed up something with Rodriguez's ability to execute? Maybe he just had a bad night? But this was not the case of the Angels being good. It was Grayson who was really bad.
    • But, but they lost. They absorbed a loss. 
    • That’s probably true and Elias said he also didn’t want to call him up if he wasn’t ready to be an everyday player.   So ………. something to keep an eye on.
    • Yea he has looked bad but while it’s fair to point that out, it’s also fair to point that some of this could be attributed to rust, an injury, not having a real ST, not playing in the field as much (I assume since he’s not catching?), etc…I think his timing is likely off and he’s working himself back into things. He has played 15 games. He has a multi hit game in 1/3 of his game so far. You point out all the Ks…what’s funny is all the Ks came in 5 games and he hasn’t struck out the last 4. To me the only thing that bothers me as of right now is the zero walks but it’s not something that would concern me long term.
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