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What Team Will Chris Davis Be Playing for in 2016?


Who Signs Davis?  

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  1. 1. Who Signs Davis?

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Astros or Rangers.

I said Texas a few months ago but I think the Astros might open up the vault for him.

The Texas' teams do have one rather huge monetary advantage over the Yankees, Red Sox and Orioles, even if the contracts offered by all the teams were the same. There is no state income tax in Texas. The amount of state income tax owed would be a large sum of money for a contract the size that Chris Davis would sign in the other states (NY, Massachusetts and Maryland).

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My inclination is that he stays in B'more. I can't see Angelos/Duquette taking the heat that would come from losing Cruz last year and losing CD this year.

Of all of our FA's (aside from Pearce) he's the one that makes the most sense. If they want to sell tickets, they can't use the band-aid plan they used this year. Most of us haven't forgiven them for letting Nick go. I think they give him whatever it will take to keep him.

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I think the Braves have already drafted their contract for Wieters. Just waiting for the appropriate deadlines.

Yeah, I was going to say - and I'll still say - The Braves will likely go after Wieters, but if they don't get him, it wouldn't surprise me if they went after Davis - probably to play LF. They "desperately" need a big bat.

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Unless some trades are made then Boston, Texas, NYY, DC just don't make sense. I voted Astros. They have a young team that is on the cusp of a good era of baseball in Houston and a relatively young super star player at a position of need would make some sense.

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The Mets. They need runs to go with pitching

If anything, I suspect that the Mets would fork over a lot of money to keep Yoenis Cespedes with them before looking to splurge elsewhere for offense, such as Chris Davis.

Their (the Mets') offense was like day and night before and after acquiring him on July 31st.

Since Cespedes appears to be a very good fit with them already, I would tend to lean toward them going with "A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush" philosophy.

I'm not necessarily saying that the Mets WILL open their wallets to keep Cespedes ...... just that that would probably be the first place that they would go to if they were inclined to do so.

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