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2015 Orioles off-season league stats (AFL, Aussie, DWL, VWL, etc.)


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All Os off-season league stats can be found here:


Players who become MiL free agents will "disappear" from the Os' stat page.


Os' Arizona Fall League participants:

Adrian Marin

Chance Sisco

Mike Yastrzemski

Dylan Bundy

Jason Garcia

Donnie Hart

Jon Keller

Tanner Scott

Peoria Javelinas team roster:


AFL main page:



Gateway to all off-season teams:


Player list (will update):


Anthony Caronia

Tad Gold

Derek Peterson

Matt Taylor

Dominican Republic:

Michael Almanzar

Ji-Man Choi

Junior Lake

Yermin Mercedes

Jimmy Paredes

Francisco Pena

Audrey Perez

Joey Rickard

Garabez Rosa

Nick Addition

Pedro Beato

Cesar Cabral

Luis Gonzalez

Chris Jones

Richard Rodriguez


Glynn Davis

Carlos Diaz

Quincy Lattimore

Gene Escat

Puerto Rico:

Ozzie Martinez

Rey Navarro

Dennis Torres


Daniel Fajardo

Alfredo Gonzalez

Henry Urrutia

Ivan Hernandez

Alvin Herrera

Arilio Negrette

C.J. Riefenhauser

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This was, by far, the least interesting group of off-season rosters for a long tim--at least for me. But with the addition of Bundy it just got much more interesting.

Of course, seeing Cisco, Scott, Yaz, and Garcia dominate would be encouraging. I wonder what they see in Marin. Youth?

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I wonder what they see in Marin. Youth?

He's young, he's fast, and he plays good defense. He also made more contact this year. And his AFL stats aren't bad. He's probably Blake Davis, but Blake Davis did get his cup of coffee.

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