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GM Meetings Nov. 9-12 Mega Thread


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Not really much in that article but filler.

The Orioles have little to trade to improve the team. That much was obvious at the deadline when DD couldn't get anything done. The exception would be committing to a rebuild which makes sense considering the teams weak farm system and almost no willingness to be a top bidder on a sought after free agent.

The likely result is another year of dumpster diving and bargain bin shopping for mediocre free agent that really don't improve the team.

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The tea leaves here point to an extremely disappointing off-season. O'Day gone, the QO free agents gone as well. Maybe we'll resign Pearce and Parra (why bother with him). Dariel is our top prospect.. but they want to work on trades. It obviously won't be selling like they should have at the deadline, so it cannot amount to much as we have practically nothing in our system another team would want.

Now we're obviously at the very beginning of free agency, and maybe we'll have an exciting time of it, but seems like all signs are pointing to throw ess at the wall and see what sticks.

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    • For the next 3 months, Snell could perhaps outperform Skubal or Crochet but his trade value is still less as his salary is unrestricted by the league's cost containment mechanisms.
    • Skubal would be great but they’re getting way too many non competitive starts right now. I’d argue adding 2 guys like Kikuchi/Fedde would help more than adding just Skubal/Crochet. Probably wouldn’t be as useful in the playoffs if you’re only rolling with 3 starters, but you also would give up a lot less prospect capital.  They currently have 2 starters with an ERA below 4.40 that are averaging more than 5 IP/start. That’s just not good enough. 
    • RH reliever Dylan Floro of the Nats would be a nice addition
    • I am not trading Basallo for Snell and Doval. I just do not value relief pitching at the level of an impact bat that is controllable for 6+ years. I think the best deal the Orioles can make in the next week is the one that nobody in the media has even mentioned. Someone is going to like our prospects outside of the top 3 and Kjerstad/Cowser that wants to get something done. Snell is going to be expensive and if the Giants wants to move on from that expense then they get a lesser prospect or get a bit better prospect by eating some of the contract, but we are not bailing them out and giving up a top prospect in all of baseball. I think all of these media reports leaking top prospects in asking prices is being done by the team that covets those prospects and not the Orioles. Get Fedde and Scott.
    • Me too, and Wilson Betemit wasn’t a good alternative either.   The day Manny came up and replaced the at 3B was miraculous.   I’m just saying that we’ll have to see for ourselves if Mayo is actually bad.    
    • It could be our post deadline lineup if we do get Skubal as well with presumably Basallo anchoring.   If I'm Elias I am pushing for Casey Mize too should Basallo be made available. Or, protecting all of the Big 3, is Kjerstad, EBJ, Povich and McDermott a deal Getz or Harris would pass up?
    • Me too.  I looked real quick and thought it was regarding the 2024  draft.
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