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GM Meetings Nov. 9-12 Mega Thread


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Not really much in that article but filler.

The Orioles have little to trade to improve the team. That much was obvious at the deadline when DD couldn't get anything done. The exception would be committing to a rebuild which makes sense considering the teams weak farm system and almost no willingness to be a top bidder on a sought after free agent.

The likely result is another year of dumpster diving and bargain bin shopping for mediocre free agent that really don't improve the team.

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The tea leaves here point to an extremely disappointing off-season. O'Day gone, the QO free agents gone as well. Maybe we'll resign Pearce and Parra (why bother with him). Dariel is our top prospect.. but they want to work on trades. It obviously won't be selling like they should have at the deadline, so it cannot amount to much as we have practically nothing in our system another team would want.

Now we're obviously at the very beginning of free agency, and maybe we'll have an exciting time of it, but seems like all signs are pointing to throw ess at the wall and see what sticks.

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