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"You know we are gonna participate in the Rule 5 Draft."(OF Rickard from Tampa)


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Indeed. But Flaherty I have to call a Rule 5 hit, and even T.J.'s had his contribution. Jury's still out on Garcia and Rickard looks like he might be the best yet.

If all you end up with is the type of guy you can pick up on the waiver wire at the end of spring training I can't call it a hit.

Garcia might be more.

Rickard certainly looks promising.

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He's got a 648 career OPS.

He's a utility infielder.

In a good year he's a one win player.

That's exactly the description of Willie Bloomquist, who retired in March after a 14-year career worth 1.0 win. Utility infielder is the one roster spot where above-replacement production is gravy.

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Oh yeah. Nice catch in foul ground among some fans reaching for the ball, too. My one gripe is that he double-clutched there on the sac fly. Just get that ball in, kid.

He will improve, that should be a given.

He got good instincts and you can't teach that.

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    • No, I’m just saying Bradish can pitch one way or another.  You don’t throw out Suarez, Irvin and Povich.  at the very least, you get Bradish one of the starts.
    • As an Orioles fan I would rather that they not play on Sunday night.  Plus I really do not like the announcing crew, other than Eduardo Perez. As a fan of the sport having the Yankees-Red Sox as the spotlight game when you have two top five teams playing in a sold-out stadium the same day is a symptom of a longer-term problem MLB can’t seem to fix.  ESPN is probably right that they’d get better ratings but it is because the sport has become too regionalized with a few national brands (Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, maybe Cubs, maybe Phils, maybe Braves).  The sport’s inability to market its biggest stars nationally (especially those that don’t play for the above teams) is maddening.     Okay, I’m done venting for now.
    • Yeah no reason to get a starter. Kremer will be back soon and Suarez and Irvin have provided a lot of innings we did not expect. We need a late inning leverage guy and probably another middle relief pitcher, similar to getting Webb last year. I don't think we need to break the bank either. Everyone tosses around trading Kjerstad but we can get a late inning guy and not give up a top 25 prospect. We just a rental. Baustista will be back and we have a club option on Kimbrel if need be.
    • I'm curious for those wanting to trade for a starter: who are you kicking out?
    • would you?     https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10124411-white-sox-sp-garrett-crochets-top-landing-spots-amid-mlb-trade-rumors
    • I don’t think this matters. I think you get value where you can. The Rays have been willing trade partners in the past when it was clear they weren’t contending. Right now they are 4 games out of the last slot but have like 5 teams above them. Can they get it? Sure but it’s not that likely and in the past they’ve been realistic in their down type seasons.
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