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Will YOU Cheer for Matt Wieters Opening Day


Cheer Matt?  

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  1. 1. Cheer Matt?

    • Yes, Matt is a Great Oriole
    • No, He is stealing money

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Why wouldn't you? What, he owed it to the fans to turn down the QO? He has been a terrible teammate? Why even ask this?

I agree. He accepted an OFFER.

Besides, he's a good (not quite great) player who appears to be a good teammate. In a vacuum, our team is better having him then not having him. The budget and signing other players isn't really his problem.

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The only reason I wouldn't pull for someone on the O's is if they had done something reprehensible. I think he's a pretty good guy. I don't like that were paying him $15m+ next season but that doesn't change how I feel about him as a player. I mean would you turn down a raise from your employer because it might keep them from hiring a different person. Keep in mind, it's not a question of adding a new job, just replacing an already existing one.

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I don't even understand this question, its so absurd.

We have people who despise Mussina because he was "disloyal" and left for more money. And here is a guy who expresses a desire to continue to play here.

Of course there is an economic component to his decision but that is true of every player who signs with any team.

I understand we all like to play armchair GM and we all know that his accepting the offer could affect other moves we would like to make.

But I kind of miss the old days when fans were FANS and, not always rationally, were loyal to guys that had played for their team for years and sad to see them go.

In the old days Dads had to explain to their crying 6 year old why their favorite player left. Now they say to little Johnny, we will cheer for him as long as his WAR is sufficient for the payroll, but as soon as it isn't you won't like him any more and forget that you ever did.


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