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Ortiz retiring, will the Orioles "honor" him?

Norfolk orioles

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Baseball gave Cal a significant farewell tour.

Jeter and Rivera both got farewells from the Orioles.

If we give that turd Ortiz anything other than a fastball in the back in his final game at Camden yards I will be extremely disappointed but given the way baseball and ESPN work now, we will probably be forced to give him the key to the city because he plays for the "sawks".

Thoughts? Honestly, I'd give him a bill for the bullpen phone as a parting gift. Maybe a frame to put it in. That's it.

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He isn't beloved around the league. Maybe the Yankees will give him someone just because... but I don't think anyone else will. He's just not that type of guy.

A-Rod won't get "parting gifts" either.

Just like Bonds. Both of them. There is more evidence of Ortiz cheating than there is of Sammy Sosa.

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They should give him an autographed picture of Kevin Gregg, and his very own pair of Kevin Gregg game worn glasses. With a certificate of authenticity.


Also a framed and autographed Brian Matusz portrait, since Ortiz was dominated by him for so long.

The ideas in this thread... I know we're being sarcastic and the Orioles would never do these, but we the fans should put this together for him. As a token of our appreciation. :laughlol:

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