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One Hit Wonders

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This is not the best example because he was never really had a "big hit" season, but Benny Ayala did hit 10 home runs in only 170 at-bats in 1980. The previous season, he had an even better ratio with 6 home runs in only 86 at-bats. Ayala was a utility man for his entire career (including those 1979 and 1980 seasons), but those are/were pretty high home run-to-at-bat ratios.

I've mentioned this before, but I saw Ayala hit a check-swing home run against the Yankees in September of 1984.

I was watching the game on WPIX-11 up here in Brewster. Ayala checked his swing, and the ball just barely found its way just over the wall down the right-field line in Memorial Stadium.

The 3-run check-swing home run won the game for us, as we were trailing by a score of 6-4 in the 8th inning when Ayala hit it.


And for reference purposes, there is another poster here on the OH who was actually at that game in September of 1984 that confirmed my memory ...... Ayala's home run that night was indeed a check-swing home run that just snuck over the right-field fence (the opposite field) at Memorial Stadium.

Benny was certainly, what Mr. Weaver called, Deep Depth! :)

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Benny was certainly, what Mr. Weaver called, Deep Depth! :)


Again, I concede that Ayala is not the best example in relation to the OP's question because he never really had a bust-out Larry Sheets-like 1987 season and/or a Jeff Ballard-like 1989 season, but while we were on the subject of lesser-known Orioles that made some noise while they were here, I couldn't resist bringing up Ayala and his exploits.

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Twenty players in Major League History had one career base hit, with that base hit being a home run:

1921 - SLB - Luke Stewart

1922 - PHI - Tom Sullivan*

1927 - BSN - Guy Morrison*

1960 - CHW - Stan Johnson

1970 - CHC - Roberto Rodriguez*

1972 - STL - Ron Allen

1976 - PHI - Doug Clarey

1986 - PHI - Jeff Bittiger*

1987 - SFG - Jessie Reid

1989 - CIN - Tim Birtsas*

1990 - NYM - Chris Jelic

1998 - ARZ - Gregg Olson*

2003 - HOU - Dave Matranga

2004 - CLE - Jason Davis*

2008 - STL - Mark Worrell*

2010 - HOU - Gustavo Chacin*

2012 - SDP - Eddy Rodriguez

2015 - LAA - Jett Bandy

2015 - TBR - Nate Karns*

2015 - DET - Daniel Norris*

[* pitcher]

This number may go down if the active players get another base hit. :2yay-thumb:

So, he didn't do it as an Oriole, but one of two former Orioles (the other being cup-o-coffee pitcher Mark Worrell) who is a true One-Hit-Wonder?


The Date was April 20, 1998 when his only career hit came off Oscar Henriquez in the 7th inning with one on and two outs. It sailed over the LF wall at Bank One Ballpark, for two runs in a 15-4 blowout over the Florida Marlins.

The manager that day? Buck Showalter.

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The late Dave Boswell was born on this day in 1945.

Boswell was actually recruited and touted by the Orioles out of high school in 1963 ...... but the team could not afford to pay the signing bonuses of both Boswell and Wally Bunker, so they opted to take (and pay) Bunker, while allowing Boswell to be signed by the Minnesota Twins.

Boswell led the American League in winning percentage in 1966 with a record of 12-5 (.706).

He won 20 games in 1969, and in that year's A.L.C.S., he lost an 11-inning, 1-0 pitcher's duel to Dave McNally. McNally pitched the entire 11 innings, while Boswell pitched 10.67. It was in that game that Boswell suffered what essentially was a career-ending injury ....... he pitched for 2 more seasons, but he was nowhere near as effective as he had been prior to that 1969 A.L.C.S. game against the Orioles.

Although Boswell pitched only 1/2 of a season for Orioles (whom he finished up his career with in 1971), both his Baseball Reference page and his Wikipedia page have photos of him wearing an Orioles cap ...... Boswell was born, grew up, lived, and died in Maryland.

OOOOOO 8988ef67_davis.jpg


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Happy birthday, Joe Kerrigan.

Kerrigan spent the 1978 season and part of the 1980 season with the Orioles after coming over with Don Stanhouse and Gary Roenicke when they were acquired in a trade with the Expos for Rudy May, Bryn Smith, and Randy Miller.

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Davis had a broken bat HR, just the handle remained in his hands after the follow through. Remember that? That's some incredible strength.

That's George Kottaras level strength.

Oh wait, is that not a thing?

<iframe src='http://m.mlb.com/shared/video/embed/embed.html?content_id=8626631&topic_id=6479266&width=400&height=224&property=mlb' width='400' height='224' frameborder='0'>Your browser does not support iframes.</iframe>

His went further too, so he's obviously stronger

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