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Don't Trade Britton, Extend Him


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Yes, we are taking it off of one team, because it worked, it's affordable, and it plays to our strength.

They also traded for Cueto... not sure if the Orioles would ever make a move like that.

I just can't see how filling out the rotation with back-end starters is a good move... I am not saying to not stack your bullpen because teams are looking for that 1-2-3 punch. You just can't ignore your Starting Pitchers.

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    • The date to keep an eye on is ROY eligibility for next year. Holliday has already used up a bunch of his 45 days.  For Mayo we might be looking at around August 17-18. Maybe early Sept for Holliday. 
    • I bet college arms will be at the complex and not Delmarva.  
    • Yeah, I tried to delete the Povich thing but was getting the dreaded 403 errors again. 
    • Aidan Miller.  He’s played only SS in the Phillies minor league system.  Here’s the BA draft write up.   ”Miller wasn’t able to add much to that resume this spring, as he dealt with a hamate injury and missed a significant amount of game time. The 6-foot-2, 210-pound third baseman has average defensive ability at the hot corner, with a plus arm that could be an asset at the position. He’s played the outfield corners at times and could profile there given his offensive upside if the game speeds up on him too much at the next level.”
    • I think Holliday is going to be an excellent player. I don't want to trade him. However, I would consider trading him for Skubel because Skubel brings something this teams needs now and will need over the next two years when he's team controlled.  It has NOTHING to do with his 34 plate appearances. That gets overused as an excuse as to why people would be willing to trade him.  What team is better this year? The one with Skubel in the rotation starting game 2 or 3 in the playoffs with Mayo at 3B and Westburg at 2B. Or the one with Kremer starting game three with Westburg at 3B and Holliday at 2b? I'll take the team with Skubel. I'm only trading Holliday for young controllable ace because it fits a bigger need. It does not mean I don't like Holliday as a player. I just realize you have to give up something special to get something special.  The real question is in what order are your willing give up of the Big-3 or IF you are willing to move one of the big-3? I'll be honest, I think Basallo is going to be a special hitter and I KNOW Mayo is going to be one. I think Holliday is going to be a Adley Rutschman type hitter more than a Gunnar type because he's not as physical as Gunnar.  So the question is what can you do without? If the team sees both Basallo and Mayo as first baseman, then you move one of them since they become redundant. If they think Mayo will be fine at 3B, then Westburg moves to 2B which means Holliday becomes redundant unless he moves to CF.  No one should be off limits for a young controllable ace, but clearly there are layers to this due to how they access the eventual defensive home of Mayo and Basallo.
    • Yup, sure looks like it.  Let him get a little cozy with the team up until his first MLB start.
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