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Stan "The Fan" Charles: Could Brian Matusz Serve As Cheap Option In Orioles' Rotation?


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I don't jump on him for every little thing that goes wrong but he obviously doesn't feel comfortable attacking right handed hitters.

Yep, I can respect that. And I am not saying to pencil Brian into the rotation. But I have no issue with letting him compete for a spot this spring. With the $$$ that middling pitchers are getting this offseason, I am saying that we have guys who are likely just as good hanging around waiting for a chance to compete for a job. Worley, Wright, Wilson and Brian come to mind. I am not a fan of spending on a Free Agent starter. I would much rather spend some money on a real OFer and a LH power bat.

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well as per the usual, I disagree with the masses. I think Matusz is a good option for the rotation. I think it has been ridiculous how everyone jumps on him every time he allows anything, as if he were Sandy Koufax refusing to perform at Sandy Koufax levels. The guy is a starter who has been converted to a relief role. Obviously he would have to change his pitch selection back to starter mode, but I may be one of very few that thinks he can do it.

I'm with you. For the past few spring trainings I've thought that Brian handled himself very well relative to the other starter candidates. Obviously he won't be able to put up 200 innings and obviously he'll have to modify his pitch selection and obviously he'll need to harness his changeup, but those things are what coaches and spring training are for. I would really like for Matusz to get a fair shot at the rotation in spring training.

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If you think Brian figured it out while striking out 18 and walking 16 right-handed batters last year, so be it.

You have your stats, I have mine.

Right handers batting against Matusz:

.387 in 2011

.327 in 2012

.302 in 2013

.277 in 2014

.244 in 2015

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