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    • I'm pretty sure that the fielder right of away rule also exists as a safety thing because permitting collisions with players that aren't expecting them because they're focused on fielding a batted ball wouldn't be good for player safety.   Also I'm uncertain how the outcome can possibly matter, because the play is dead as soon as interference is called, which means that the umpire cannot know ahead of time that the fielder is able to make the play in spite of the interference.   On the infield fly video, the outcome shouldn't have been affected at all, because the infield fly rule was in effect.
    • The rules are put in to protect the players (runners can't trip/run into fielders, get in the way of fielders as they attempt a fielding play. Fielders can't trip/ run into/ force runners out of the basepaths as they are running. They are also put in to make the chances of running and fielding fair for both teams.  Suppose Gunnar sees Vaughn at the last instant, jumps laterally, and tears up his knee. Or, Gunnar's fine, but the ball drops, and Vaughn gets to third. The infield fly rule causes the second out, but then Vaughn scores on a passed ball. Because the ump saw interference, but waited to call it, maybe he thinks, "Well, I'm not gonna call it now. He didn't impede Gunnar that much. Third baseman should have come and made the play."  Shoe on the other foot: fielder gets in the runner's way unintentionally (like Vaughn, due to inattention), ump sees it, but waits to see if the runner is gonna score before he makes a call. Looks like the runner will score easily, but the runner trips and falls on the way to home. Should the ump then call interference? Or is the right call to call it as soon as you see it, which is what Valentine (the ump) did? Valentine made the right call immediately. It's Vaughn's responsibility to know where Gunnar is and avoid him, not just stare at the pop-up. The runner has a right to the occupied base, but still can't trip or elbow or interfere with a fielder making a play near him. Worried about getting doubled off the base? Then, don't take a lead. Runners don't get the advantage of being able to lead off or steal a base without the risk of pick-offs, caught stealing, doubled off, tagging too early, thrown out advancing, and yes, interfering with a fielder. Pay attention, runner. That's your job. Don't cry about the umps or the rule when you don't do your job.
    • Only using W-L as a metric for Means is a bit silly, especially when you're arguing we only think he's good because he was a standout on a bad team.  That's why his W-L record is mediocre!  But he's good when he's healthy. And as for Mullins, yeah, he's not that great, I'm not saying otherwise.  I'm saying, though, that his 2021 was truly great, and that's why people got the idea he was better than he's ended up being.
    • You hate everyone, so that's not surprising.
    • I got pulled over for doing seven in a five.
    • Is our system deep or extremely top-heavy? I have a feeling teams are asking for Holliday, Mayo, and Basallo while balking at most anyone else. 
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