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What is your reaction to the signing and contract of Chris Davis


How do you feel about the Chris Davis signing and contract?  

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  1. 1. How do you feel about the Chris Davis signing and contract?

    • Absolutely terrible, I'm completely against it
    • I'm worried but Davis was a priority and at least we have something
    • Still mixed, can't decide
    • I like it a lot but I'm a little concerned about the future
    • Love it, it's not my money

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I'm leaning toward not liking it. Manny's extension is going to be more difficult to pull off now. Also it's going to make it difficult to significantly spend elsewhere to improve the team this year and in years to come.

Time will tell. But unless Crush strings together 3 or 4 awesome 6 WAR seasons in a row for us, it's going to feel like an overpay.

3 or 4 awesome 6 WAR seasons? Huh?

It might be the greatest FA contract in the history of modern baseball if he does that.

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I'm glad we didn't get shut out on one of the three bats. If the information from Roch is correct and Cespedes wants more than Davis got, then I like it more. Still waiting to see how it's structured and how much is deferred.

It's really hard to estimate the landscape 5 years out. Davis may only take up 10% of the budget then. We did fine with Roberts eating up that percentage at the end.

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Some people will never be happy. I like the move. Glad the O's ponied up. I wanted Cespedes because we could keep the pick which we desperately need with less years committed, but oh well.

To me, this sends a VERY important message to players. That we WILL spend the money long term to compete. To me, that was the biggest thing accomplished with this move. Very very important in that regard IMO.

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I will enjoy having the most potent power hitter in the AL on our team for the next few years. I might have personally gone in a different direction, but I say that while guessing what Cespedes and Upton are asking for right now. The length worries me, but you know in the real world, length of contract is part of the give and take necessary to get players to commit to your team during their prime. The deferred helps, too.

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Yep, I can't say that I didn't think about my autographed Chris Davis photo on my wall when I saw that he signed. Of course I still wear my autographed Arrieta authentic jersey to games, so I may not be a perfect barometer. If Arrieta played for an AL East team I wouldn't wear it.

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