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Could Dariel Alvarez be the answer for right field?


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I have made it known I think Alvarez could be a starter, I like him. We will see what happens. My guess is we sign nobody else offensively except AAAA fodder and MiL depth.

Pitching, after all, is the main reason we didn't make the playoffs (along with someone to protect Davis-which Trumbo helps out).

I would love to see what Alvarez has, I am sure he will be given a chance in ST.

Question-is the Kakes back to Baltimore rumors dead from Atlanta?

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I think we can carry a replacement level RF as long as he plays good defense. I agree, Alvarez is option #1 at the moment, but Reimold and Rickard are both in the picture and this may be the one "position battle" story of spring training.

I am not a fan of Reimold. His power has vanished, his durability still a big question. I don't even understand why he was resigned.

Alvarez leading candidate with Rickard as 4th OF perhaps IMO.

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