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Maryland vs Northwestern


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I've got to say that I am really impressed by Northwestern. What a well coached team. They played basically an almost perfect defensive game and an almost perfect game rebounding on both ends, but Maryland still won the game.

You've got to win when you don't play your best and Maryland did that tonight. Layman was the player of the game IMO. He was awesome defensively and on the boards. Trimble did a lot of good things, but still doesn't look like himself. Carter sort of took the night off from an intensity standpoint. And Northwestern did an awesome job climbing in Sulaimon's jock, but he returned the favor on Demps.

It was a really well played game from an Xs and Os standpoint, but the shooting certainly wasn't great.

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Agree completely. Well said. I am actually glad they were challenged the way they were tonight. Hopefully something to build on.

And yea man...way to go Layman!

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Stone has the best looking form on his free throw shooting of any big man I've ever seen.

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It's impressive and could be a big part of his game. Personally I'm hoping he does just enough to propel us deep into the tournament but not enough to prevent him from staying another year. Selfish I know.

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