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April 14th vs The Blue Jays


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Great job by the O's pitching to contact. They have pitched low in the zone tonight and located their pitches nicely. A 14-3 GB-FB ratio is no coincidence.

Our pitchers have got them to hit 14 groundballs, and somehow Luis Hernandez has fielded 28 ground balls already in this game. :D

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Based on nothing, I think Buck is way too proud of his hair....

You say things based on nothing? Sweet, that means I can every now and then.

A free "my argument was based on nothing" card in the pocket for me so I don't have to eat crow again in the future.

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He only uses the "Hasta la vista..." call for Spanish speaking players.

Used it the other night for Ramon's HR.

Yeah that was a classic. I loved watching the replay on the Orioles site and seeing how Ramon pimped it after he hit it.

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Boo to having the inexperienced Adam Jones try to steal and having Luis Hernandez lead off the 7th.

Jones has the speed, he has to practice his stealing sometime to get better at it and Zaun hasn't exactly been throwing well so it seemed like a pretty good chance he'd make it. Besides, Hernandez is very unlikely to get an XBH to drive him home.

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Agreed, there's a time and place for SB's, and that wasn't it.

Oh come on, people praise when we steal a base, and look to complain when we get thrown out.

I posted this in yesterday's game thread, and think it's prudent here too.

It's always frustrating when a base stealer gets caught stealing, but it's a no risk no reward type of situation with base running. I have enjoyed DT's approach to base stealing so far, which has led to the O's stealing 9 bases (including BRob's earlier today) in the young season. That's in the upper 1/3rd of the league and is 4 behind the league leading team, the Blue Jays.

The O's have gotten caught stealing 4 times (including Mora today), the Blue Jays 5. This is the just how the game works. I prefer taking the risks in order to advance our base runners.

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