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April 14th vs The Blue Jays


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Well I think it was defensive indifference...although I don't know why you'd let another runner get into scoring position with only 1 out.

Geez Payton out at the plate, can the catcher really come out and block the base path like that?

As long as he's doing it to get the throw, he can do pretty much anything he wants...

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D-indifference...which is a BS rule IMO...

Couldn't agree more, that's just insanely ridiculous. It should not be counted against a base runner.

Is this a ruling by the official scorer? Can or will they go back and change the scoring on Jones? Right now it's a SB on Gameday.

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payton did a good job on that play. He was pretty much dead to rights but still made some hard contact with the catcher. . . . in contrast with LH a few innings prior.

If tripping on the catcher is hard contact then yes.

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